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Game Development & Photography

Beginning to figure out how long exposures might work. Also considering the range of ‘development’ options that may or not be available to the player at any one time. Standing still in the freezing abyss isn’t something you would be advised to do…but you must do -something-.

Into This Wylde Press

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I have been wondering what to do with photographic styled elements. Think I have found the perfect place. Some of the key pillars of the experience are contrast, sanctuary and memory. I want to have frequent opportunity to express those as the abyss is traversed and survived. To increase the potential for evocative moments within the sanctuary areas I can imbue them with unique, vague shimmering mirages which are only visible on the interior.

(Exterior of a sanctuary top, interior below. Prototype art)

I entered the Ludum Dare 29 game jam. “ThisDarkMttr” was the end result. Atmospheric solar system creation and exploration. Using photographs and other imagery to piece together a celestial plane.

Ludum Dare Voting Page

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LMB - Change a tile. MMB - Zoom with mousewheel. RMB - Rotate camera. SPACEBAR - Toggle first person explorer mode and creation mode. ESC - Quit the application.

After a day spent cleaning up the code I worked on an important aspect of the Abyss: the ability to change the time and weather instantly. The game still has a very limited set of prototype artwork, but this is a satisfying milestone to reach. I can now explore and generate random atmospheres with a button press! This is essential, not just for Wylde Abyss but also Lantern Slides.