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I have been wondering what to do with photographic styled elements. Think I have found the perfect place. Some of the key pillars of the experience are contrast, sanctuary and memory. I want to have frequent opportunity to express those as the abyss is traversed and survived. To increase the potential for evocative moments within the sanctuary areas I can imbue them with unique, vague shimmering mirages which are only visible on the interior.

(Exterior of a sanctuary top, interior below. Prototype art)

I entered the Ludum Dare 29 game jam. “ThisDarkMttr” was the end result. Atmospheric solar system creation and exploration. Using photographs and other imagery to piece together a celestial plane.

Ludum Dare Voting Page

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LMB - Change a tile. MMB - Zoom with mousewheel. RMB - Rotate camera. SPACEBAR - Toggle first person explorer mode and creation mode. ESC - Quit the application.

After a day spent cleaning up the code I worked on an important aspect of the Abyss: the ability to change the time and weather instantly. The game still has a very limited set of prototype artwork, but this is a satisfying milestone to reach. I can now explore and generate random atmospheres with a button press! This is essential, not just for Wylde Abyss but also Lantern Slides.